segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2016

Today's Black and white pictures

Yesterday, I decided that I would only shoot in B&W. As my wife and her friends wanted visit some people who live at the beach it was just perfect. I had been there before so I kind of knew what to expect. The beach isn't the best one we have here, though. Moreover, the tide was high making it impossible to walk on the beach for some crab hole or seashells close-up shots. Anyway, here are some shots from yesterday.


segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2016

A B&W visit to University Campus

My wife told me about this important meeting she had quite next to the university, in a theatre and dance school she works at. I know the meetings there never finish the time they say, so I grabbed my camera and decided to go to the university campus. I am there pretty much every day so I asked myself if it would be better to look for another place? So, I set myself this challenge... why not use one lens only? Why not just shoot black and white? Here are a few shots from yesterday's challenge....


sábado, 8 de outubro de 2016

What is the best camera?

There is something about waking up very early in the morning that fascinates me. I love getting at places before people. When I got at the beach this morning I was practically alone with the exception of a few runners here and there. I love being on my own when photographing. Not being in a hurry is the main thing for me as you can see small details we'd normally take for granted otherwise.

So, there I was with my camera and two lenses. None of them are the greatest and latest, on the very contrary, they are cheap and inexpensive but they can produce decent images if used correctly. I wish I had my dream camera, or should it be my dream cameras? I would if I could buy the Sony a6500 (recently announced), the Fuji XT-2 with its marvelous colours and sensor, the Canon 1DX Mark II and of course the Sony a7R Mark II, all packed with zoom and my beloved 50mm f1.8. lenses. Yes, I have a 50mm thing for sure.

It took me a while to realize the best camera for you is the one you have at the moment. Having a top-of-the-notch equipment will not necessarily make you an exceptional photographer. There is so much more involved!

Find the system (or if you can afford, the systems) right for you. I bought a Canon camera with two more lenses. I thought about switching to Nikon or Sony but there is definitely something about the Canon colours that I love. I know Canon is a bit behind in the sensor department, its dynamic range isn't as good as Nikon's or Sony's but with the release of the Canon 5d Mark IV, they are pretty close now.

So, what is the best Camera to buy?

Now I ask you this... what is your kind of photography? Weddings? Wildlife? For protraits and even weddings I would keep an eye on Sony. Sony has produced amazing cameras that have shaken the world of photography. Mirrorless, some say, is the future. I have to agree with that, despite the fact that I shoot with a DSLR. Focus on DSLR is still a bit better but I see the newest cameras matching it.

For wedding I am sure the a7RMII handles is brilliantly. With the nice glasses on it, the results are magical. The camera body is important but you have to have nice glasses on it. There are several videos on YouTube showing that professional body with bad glasses simply suck.

For my kind of photography I would be extremely happy with either of these cameras:

  • Full Frame - Canon 5d Mark IV, Sony a7R Mark II
  • APSC - Sony a6500 or the Fuji XT-2.

Because I love wildlife photography and portraits I'd have a telephoto and a 50mm lens.

Is it possible to do some professional work with an APSC crop sensor? Definitely! There are many great photographers on YouTube proving that. With great lenses of course.

I love shooting birds, especially birds in flight. This is not an easy task, at least, not with my current gear. However, it isn't impossible.

If you are a wildlife photographer, you'd be extremely happy with the Nikon D500. Its autofocus system is unmatched.

For me now, the best equipent is the one I own. I have been drooling over the professional models but then I asked myself this.... have I ever used everything my camera has to offer? I have put it to a real test, with the right lights, decent glasses and see how lovely the results would be? The answer is... No, I haven't. So, master your equipment, have great glasses and then think about your next move to justify the investment. This is exactly what I am doing now.



segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2016


During an event on Saturday in the evening. Excellent even with some short performances just to give a glimpse of what is coming in December. I just can't wait.


quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2016

Performing and posing

I haven't had time to write about my experience in Brazil-Japan event that took place last weekend but I am posting photos daily. These two shots were taken at the theatre where some dancers were performed. :)