segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2016


During an event on Saturday in the evening. Excellent even with some short performances just to give a glimpse of what is coming in December. I just can't wait.


quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2016

Performing and posing

I haven't had time to write about my experience in Brazil-Japan event that took place last weekend but I am posting photos daily. These two shots were taken at the theatre where some dancers were performed. :)



sábado, 10 de setembro de 2016


Saturday is finally here! The weather isn't quite inviting today, it is all grey and cloudy but I think I could get some great B&W shots if I went out. I just feeling like reading and motivation is lacking now mostly likely due the tiredness of the week. I might try something for sure.

I am about to buy a new gear and the big question is, which brand should I go for? I own a Canon camera and two lenses. The legendary 50mm f1.8 and a 70-300 with no IS. I love the 50mm f1.8 as it produces great images when it hits the target. It is a love-and-hate relationship but I read on the internet that many people have the same problem with this small beauty. I've noticed that Nikon produces fairly sharper images. Maybe he reason is the lacking of anti-alising filter (AAF) in most of Nikon cameras. I do feel Nikon autofocus system is better as well. Then there is Sony with their fantastic mirrorless cameras, it is indeed a hard choice to make.

Just curious what gear do you use? Why did you choose this or that gear? What kind of photography are you into?

Personally, I love people, street and wild life photography I just need a better camera now.