segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2015

Free Market

I have been to this places many times but never have I carried my camera with me. Last Sunday, however, I decided to take my camera with me for some shots. It is funny how people are not used to seeing other taking photos in that free market. One of the locals even asked me why I was taking some pictures! He was not rude maybe he was just curious.

The first thing I saw was roosters being sold. I had never seen roosters being sold there. Maybe I should take a better look.

The vaierity of things in the free maket is extraordinaire and it would have taken me the whole day to photograph everything I wanted had I had more time.

Some fresh garlic.

Lettuce. I love them.

These shells are used to clean the internal organs.

To be honest.... I have no idea what that is... It looks like some small onions but I am sure they are not onions.

Some homemade peppers. They are as strong as hell. To drops of it and you be begging for some cold drink I swear!

Some dog food. They are normally much cheaper than the ones found in petshops.

I didn't spend a long time over there as I felt a bit of an outsider having all those people looking at me. It was a awkward moment to be honest. I wish I could spend a lot more time, taking names and notes about those who have spent their whole lives working there. People were very friendly at least the one I knew but other were very uncomfortable so I decided to stop photographing.


domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

Busy weekend

As holidays draws closer and I am trying to relax more and more. It seems this has all the makings to be the best December ever for me. I am traveling to the countryside where a friend couple's parents and relatives live. I have never been to this city before. I have seen some photos and the place looks promising for pictures, though.

I am writing this post on a Sunday afternoon. It is now 3:31pm. The weekend has been quite busy for me and I have the chance to try my new camera. Ok on Saturday morning and joined my wife and helped her with all thing stuff involving her storytelling hobby. I just needed to see her in action. So, we went to a local bookshop where she performed to a group of psychologists and mother. The topic was "motherhood" and of course everything involving it.

This lady is the bookshop owner. She is very polite and friendly.

Some of the women who were there paying close attention to the story. The whole morning was dedicated to women and motherhood. Being the only men there taught me some valuable things. The care, the dedication, the struggle and hard times these women endured worked like a wake-up call for me.

Today we went to the market very early in the morning.... I will publish some photos tomorrow....






segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2015

A local pub

I had never been to this pub before. The so-called old city only recently came back to life. The old part of the city had always been occupied by drug users and dealers and brothels. When I was young the main topic of conversation was about a brothel called "Café Concerto". Only about ten years ago the city began promoting cultural initiatives and events, backing local bands and pubs. As a result, the old city is now very much alive. It is not as alive as the beachside, though.

There was this local band and the lead singer is a friend of ours. My wife and I were I invited this pub to see the band's live performance on their new single. There was I with my camera in hand trying to capture nice moments.

Girls having fun! They were very much enjoying the whole thing. The girl on the right is a belly dance teacher. She works at the same school where my wife works.

One of my wife's aerial silk student.

I was a little worried about the dim conditions when I arrived. I did want to avoid ISO 3200 at any cost. You know it simply doesn't go well with my camera! Fortunately, I managed keep ISO below that and even though some shots were actually a bit dark they could be easily post processed later without killing the image quality.

I absolutely love photography. It is doubtlessly one of my great passions. The feeling you're on the hunt for the right shot, the shot that could perfectly exemplify the essence of that moment or that event. It is magical and I truly love that.

I like this type of picture. She was completely unaware when I took that shot. She is the lead singer's girlfriend and one of the owner of the school where my wife works.

He was thanking everyone when I took this picture. I had never seen him singing before. I need to say that I loved the songs. I never thought he was such a great musician. Mega talented indeed.