sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Good memories

I was having breakfast early this morning and I took my time to see some old pictures I normally store in my skydrive. Having a Microsoft 360 gives me 1tb of storage capacity so why not store all the pictures I have so can they won't be lost by any hard drive failure to DVD scratches?

On viewing some of the pictures I could literally travel in time and almost revive every moment. All the friends there are now gone, some relatives, my mother and father. It was also a very painful experience that I now think was necessary. Here are some of the pictures I chose to post today.

This was taken probably in 2005. The place is so beautiful and I remember the hotel was very very big. I also remember that it was here when I tried ostrich meat for the first time. It was delicious!

This Grammame beach. It about 40 minutes from my house. One of my closes friend was there with me. He passed away in 2011. He was relatively well when I took these pictures. Even though he was slowly getting worse he was constantly trying to cheer me up. He had long talks about everything especially death since he was sick and so was my mother. He was extremely hrd for me not to think bout all these things even though the beach was truly nice, we had some friends around.

I really need to buy a new camera. I bought the Sony Hx400 but I think I have enough with small sensors. Though, Image quality produced by small-sensor cameras is decent when viewed on tablets and especially small screen devices, I need some better depth of field produced by larger sensors and better lenses. Any suggestion anyone?







sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014


After an excruciatingly tiring morning I finally left my work place. I still have some good three hours for the afternoon journey to start. It won't be so tiring, it will last only three hours so there is nothing to complain about. Probably the worst thing about my work is my workmates, I mean some of them. There are at least one I never talk to and we tend to ignore each other. I know this isn't the wisest thing to do, especially when you have to see one another on a regular basis but this was how things turned out to be in the end.

Boy I do love this coffee shop. It is so inviting and cozy. I could spend hours and hours reading here, this is wonderful. There is even a separate room where I can be in total silence with a nice view of the entire coffeeshop. I have just found it out! Unfortunately, a total impolite and rude man has just come here. Right now he is talking on the phone (very loudly) and annoyingly blowing his nose every now and then. This is absolutely disgusting!

This is the nice view of the coffeeshop I talked about. What about you ? What is in the agenda for the weekend?


terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2014

Tuesday morning

It is only 8am. I have made myselft some coffee and now I am waiting one more hour to start my work. The weather here couldn't be any better, the sun is fully shinning and temperature is okay. Surely, temperature will soon become unbearably hot.

I have been giving my career too much thought lately. I love what I do, no doubt, and changes are difficult not to mention we all think "what if things don't work out as planned? What will I do?" but at the same time we may have to ask ourselves "will I be happy doing what I am doing right now for the rest of my life?". These are the kind of things I have been thinking since mum passed away and when I literally lost everything. Of course, in the beginning I just had to go by, get some money and survive. But now things are different, I got this very nice job, I work with one of the things I love very much, people like my job but sometimes I just wanted to spend some months away fulfilling one of mygreat passions, which is photography. Unfortunately, my job doesn't allow me to ran away for a whole month so I feel like I am a bit trapped.

Have you ever felt this way? What did you do? If you could do something different like a dream job, what would that be?

This was how I spent my Sunday. Me, my wife and my dogs. Aren't they lovely?


segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2014

Shopping centre

I have finished my morning work. I have three hours on my own so I decided to come to the shopping centre where I can sit for some good hours and read.



Monday Morning

It's only 6:24 and I have been out of my bed for approximately one hour or some. Normally, the very first thing I do in the morning is have a shower and make myself some coffee. It's such a beautiful day outside. I am ready to face one more working day.

Oh, my dogs are really playing outside. They are quite noisy right now.

Have a nice day