sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

Porto de Galinhas

I am extremely happy with my Canon SX40 HS. It is a good camera, I mean it is a good bridge camera without a doubt. I love its image quality as well as its outstanding 35x monster optical zoom. So, now I use the canon SX40 when I need some zoom power and the Sony Nex3 when I really need a more serious photography. Now I am in love with the fantastic Olympus OMD, what a camera! Rather expensive, though. 

Last weekend I made a short trip to Porto de Galinhas. It is a touristic place, abounded in lovely beaches and tourists from different parts of the world. I was invited to join a group by a friend so it cost me merely 35, to get there. It was quite cheap so I just couldn’t miss the chance at all.

It took me some good three hours to get there. Sadly, after the first hours I noticed some huge black clouds coming forward and soon it started to rain. 

A few minutes later the rain stopped and I could smile again. I had already visited this place but it was 7 years ago. We arrived at 9 am, which meant I had some good long hours ahead to take some shots. 

The long zoom power allowed me to really get close to the action! 

 Wide Angle 

Police officers 

Spending the whole day over there was something that I was really needing. I have been working far too much these days and I am constantly tired so it was good to do something different and, of course, meet some ladies. :)

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