domingo, 18 de novembro de 2012

Lazy Sunday

Since my girlfriend had to work on her theatrical projects this Sunday I stayed at home with nothing to do. I swear God I tried to stay in. I was mega tired and badly needing some rest but with the whole Sunday for myself and with  nothing to do, of course I couldn’t resist! So I got my camera and went out for some pictures instead. The weather was dangerously beautiful. Some people see the pictures and think: “this must be the ideal weather to spend the whole day out and come back home relaxed with loads of good shots”. Well, just to give you an example how hot it was today, I couldn’t stay still with my barefoot for over 5 seconds. It was literally unbearably hot today. My God! It was a bit frustrating to see this lovely beach ahead of you and yet not be able to really explore the place. Fortunately, I have been there many times so I know this beach very well. I am also going to post some photos I took yesterday right after leaving work. I stopped by the federal university for some shots. I hope you like them.   

Um comentário:

  1. The sea always offers us beautiful images. You made very good shots rebozantes of light and color.