domingo, 15 de dezembro de 2013

An afternoon with the Sony HX300 Part 2

Here is the second part of my afternoon with the Sony HX300. I know this camera has been severely criticized for squeezing too many pixels on a small sensor and I guess I do agree with all the criticism. Had Sony put less megapixels into this small sensor we would have been a camera with far less noise. However, we don't view pictures at 100% all the time just to check out for noises so I guess this camera does what it was designed for and does it pretty well. 

I have notices that some of the pictures I took were a bit on the dark side but now I have changed the contrast setting so I believe pictures will be a lot better now. 

This camera is very responsive and I am going to post some pictures I took with both, my now old Canon SX40 and Sony HX300. 

Let's see if you notices any difference.

Canon SX40 HS

Sony HX300

Here are the Second Part of my Afternoon with the Sony HX300. 

No post Processing involved here. 

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