sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Good memories

I was having breakfast early this morning and I took my time to see some old pictures I normally store in my skydrive. Having a Microsoft 360 gives me 1tb of storage capacity so why not store all the pictures I have so can they won't be lost by any hard drive failure to DVD scratches?

On viewing some of the pictures I could literally travel in time and almost revive every moment. All the friends there are now gone, some relatives, my mother and father. It was also a very painful experience that I now think was necessary. Here are some of the pictures I chose to post today.

This was taken probably in 2005. The place is so beautiful and I remember the hotel was very very big. I also remember that it was here when I tried ostrich meat for the first time. It was delicious!

This Grammame beach. It about 40 minutes from my house. One of my closes friend was there with me. He passed away in 2011. He was relatively well when I took these pictures. Even though he was slowly getting worse he was constantly trying to cheer me up. He had long talks about everything especially death since he was sick and so was my mother. He was extremely hrd for me not to think bout all these things even though the beach was truly nice, we had some friends around.

I really need to buy a new camera. I bought the Sony Hx400 but I think I have enough with small sensors. Though, Image quality produced by small-sensor cameras is decent when viewed on tablets and especially small screen devices, I need some better depth of field produced by larger sensors and better lenses. Any suggestion anyone?







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