segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

Family slowly fading away

This isn't going to be a sad post by any means I am just writing what I have been witnessing in the last five years. My family used to be a very united one. During the holiday seasons we used to travel together, have long pleasing chats and joke around as much as we could. This sounds like a melancholic thought to me and in fact it might be as it all happened over fifteen years ago and I was still a kid.

After my father's death back in 1994 things started to fall apart. They no longer were "that" available anymore. They suddenly had some work to do, therefore, they were "too busy" for travels and weekly meetings. Lunch with the family at weekends belonged to past.

With my mother's recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005 the remains of any family ties finally turned into sporadic visits from a few members of the family after some time.

In 2010 my worst nightmare became real. My mother died after five long years fighting this nasty disease and the pain we all felt cannot be put into words. The feeling and grief best described by a friend who went through it all almost at the same time as I did is like "living in a different dimension just as if you were a mere spectator" I find this description absolutely perfect.

We are on December 29th, 2014 and so far we have never received ANY phone call by ANY member of the family. This may sound quite sad but since we were in the middle of a huge problem at that time we didn't even think about that not even for a second. Of course I came across some uncles and aunts during this period of time. There is this particular uncle who is very very rich now but he barely said hello when we met just nodded his head instead. I know my sister hates him but personally speaking? I don't care at all. It makes no difference to me honestly.

Four years on, and my life has changed so much. I am married now, with a beautiful house, four excellent companion Dobermans and planning on having kids.

At home I still keep things that belonged to my mother and my grandmother whom I have never met like this old lock-stitch sewing machine.

Life has shown me so may important things. Some of which I had never realized before. It's shown me it is not worth getting stressed or being around people who don't care about you. In the old days, I would be very aggressive and argue with these people but today I just ignore them and carry on with my life focusing on what truly matters to me which are my family, my real friends and my job.



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