sábado, 7 de março de 2015

New Photos

One more week's gone. I am about to go out for some photos. Although the weather isn't very nice today I hope I can take some nice shots. Meanwhile, here are some photos I took this week on different days but always on my way to work.

8:00 pm after a long hard working day.

Thursday evening - There is film and photo gallery in the art department so I thought it could be interesting to take some shots of it.

Nightshots - On the right side is the language department.

It rained A LOT yesterday. Because I was too lazy to get my camera, I missed a fantastic shot. Very early in the morning the heavy rain and the first sun lights produced something I have never seen before. It was rather yellowish outside. Too bad I didn't take any shot of it :( I wish I hadn't been so lazy!



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