sábado, 4 de abril de 2015

An unbearably hot day at the beach

I live in a very nice and beautiful city called João Pessoa. It is situated Northeast Brazil. It is a place abounded in lovely beaches, nice people with tons of natural places for those who love photography as I do. For some reason, I have never been a big fan of the beach. My friends, on the other hand, cannot live without spending a day at the beach. After some good years away from the beach and after having refused many invitations I softened and went to the beach yesterday morning. The side effects of being exposed to the sun for three hours are still present today as I write this post.

There is no denial the weather was magnificently beautiful yesterday morning. Families gathered, kids were running and they were all having a good time. My discomfort began minutes after we found a nice place to sit down. It is hard to describe how hot that was. Just imagine your back burning after a few seconds of sun exposure. I tried to drink as much water, coconut water and soft drink as I could.

I walked for a few minutes to try to get some nice shots but the truth is that I didn't take the shots I wanted because I couldn't simply put up with the sun and the heat.

The day was nice and it ws nice to show me once more that the beach isn't my cup of tea at all. I am better off indoors. :)



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