domingo, 28 de junho de 2015

Making the most of my Sunday

Two cameras and no destination

It was an atypical day today. It had been raining for hours and at certain point I thought about not going out with my friend and my cameras. The sun never came out for more than a few minutes but I didn't care. After working hard for months all I wanted was to have some fun with my cameras. This time I wanted to take pictures of as many details as possible since I didn't have any zoom lenses with me. It was challenging I have to say. Photographing birds was out of question but it was good to be forced to look at the surroundings and realize how many small things and details we take for granted.

On arriving in the park I realized I had left my second memory card at home. So, I took two or three pictured and came back home to pick it up.

Some turtles were nearby.

It is definitely a family park. It was really crammed with people. Families picnicking, taking pictures, eating and so forth. It was all safe and nice. Because it is a fairly large park, we could walk for hours. There is a white large forested area where I found some mushrooms and bugs, some I had never seen before.

I plan to come back there and capture the beautiful sunset. Hopefully it will be sunny next time.


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