segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2015


This weekend I had the chance to photograph both amateur and professional artists. I was ready to spend the whole Sunday in with my books and my usual readings. I love visiting websites like and spend hours and hours contemplating the beautiful pictures and reading the very well-written reviews there. I had made myself some coffee when my wife mentioned about this local amateur circus group which was going to perform on Sunday evening. Free admission! Then a second group was also going to perform. This time a pro one.

It became clear this weekend how much I need a better camera. A faster autofocus camera, better lowlight performer one would be a much welcome move. I can't exactly complain about the lowlight photo results but the camera hunts more than I'd like to see and I normally end up losing focus. Moreover, Its start up time is not good and I lost some excellent shots when he actors came very close to interact with the audience.

The show was about to start when I took this picture. The actor in the left belongs to the second group, the pro one. In fact, the second act was only he and his wife. I was parcticulaly impressed with how much they must have studied about our local culture. Their accents were there, sure, but the overall performance as well as the storyline were amazing.

I was very lucky this day. Some of the artists just posed for me. There were some kids in the audience that were really annoying.

The first group was fantastic. It is always a joy to support out local artists. I learnt we have some circus schools in the city something I was completely unaware of before this event.

The first part of the night was full of clowns, aerial silk performers and some funny acts. I loved them all. When they announced they had only been training for three months I was gladly surprise. The end result was very good indeed.

When the first group was finished it was time for us to leave The Arena Theatre. Some clowns and performers were outside entertaining the public as the theatre was being cleaned and getting ready for the second part of the show.

One of the actors quickly set up some speakers and started talking inviting everyone to come closet as he was telling jokes and interacting with us.

They quickly attracted people and the fun started.

This clown just looked at me and I thought "oh, no please don't ask me to stand up and dance" I started taking pictures and he just did some funny faces and picked up someone else.

The second show was much better than I thought it'd be. There were only two actors but it was so entertaining well-researched that I literally enjoyed every second of it.



















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