segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

Beach volleyball tournament

No question if I had been given the opportunity to choose a profession I would have turned myself into a professional photographer. The mere idea of visiting different places and possibly countries makes me wonder where I would be right now. However, life showed me other ways and I am pretty happy doing what I do. Photography will always be with me for sure. 

There was this event called "Bank of Brazil beach volleyball tournament", needless to say who the sponsor is but I love this tournament. It travels across the country there are lots of famous beach volleyball players, lots of food and people it is just a nice atmosphere. It's a four-day event and I made sure I took as many photos as I could possibly imagine. 

3 comentários:

  1. Haha! Us Aussies will give you a run for your money with Beach Volleyball ANYTIME!!! Happy New Year!

  2. These are great shots of the beach volleyball tournament!
    I also have often wondered about a career in photography such as photo-journalism, etc. But am happy with just the personal craft & art. I hope all is well in the first day of the year, cheers. : )

  3. good to find another outlet for your photography, taking some action shots. That sure would be a keep-fit sport and out in the fresh air and sunshine; and no sea-breeze!