quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

I love taking pictures

Hello there! I just got my camera so I might be going out for some shots today. The weather here isn't good as it has just started to rain. Anyway, I am going to post some photos I took last year with a late friend. He was sick at the time we went out to try our brand new cameras. Unfortunately he passed away soon after. It quite hurt me but I will always remember the good times we had every time we visited different places looking for the perfect shot.

It was a hot Sunday morning and I remember I had searched for some of the most visited beaches of the seashore. The first beach we stopped by is called Gramame. What a nice place! There is a river that meets the sea making it quite intriguing. The river seems calm but it said to be very dangerous.  There are some lovely "restaurants" with fantastic food. It could have been better if we had gone there on weekdays but there were far too many people for my taste.

Interestingly, we could see there were people selling all sorts of things from DVDs to Sleeping Nets.

This gentleman above was selling Sleeping Nets. 

This other gentleman was selling DVDs. There a typical kind of music here that seems please most of the teenagers and people who likes to dance. It's called Forró. Musical taste is a very subjective thing, I personally hate this kind of music. 

 Local fishman

Far too many people!

We had lunch at one of the restaurants over there and rushed to another beach called Tambaba. I have posted some photos of it before. It is a nude beach. We didn't visit the nude part. We stayed in the clothed area as you have to be in the company of a woman to get in and our girlfriends didn't like the idea of being naked in front of others, besides, the clothed part is far more beautiful. 

Tambaba beach - Zoomed in from the highest hill around

Here is the car park! As you can see there are a few cars. If you go further you can see the beach right after the car park, that is the nude part. All you need to do is go keep walking towards the right side and you'll see the nude part. There is a girl who works there explaining the rules and everything. Then there is a small bridge meaning that after crossing that bridge you'll have to be fully naked. But, if you stop at the car park and decide not to go into the nude part you just need to turn left and enjoy the lovely places on the clothed side. It is incredibly beautiful! However, I truly recommend going there on weekdays when there won't be so many people. 

It was about 4pm when we deiced to come back to the city and take some final shots at the so-called "old city". Unsurprisingly, the city was empty so it was perfect to walk around while the Sun was still shinning. 

This used to be a very fancy hotel in the old days! 

I know some of the church has a vast historical background. I think it has something to do with the Dutch invasion here but I can1t be sure. I am terrible at history anyway so I'm sorry.

I'll post some more photos of the places I visited some time ago, there are thousands of nice places I took pictures of... 

Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting!

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