sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2015


Having contact with people is a fascinating thing for sure. Grief, psychological problems, failing relationships, masqueraded evil behaviors are all things I see on a daily basis. All these problems directly affect people's performance and development and as a professional, I have been given the challenge to best guide these people in order to accomplish my task and help them at the same time. Surely, not an easy thing.

Last term I met a 36 year-old woman and on the first day I noticed she had higher chances of quitting the course than the rest of the group. I don't know whether or not it was her voice tone, the way she expressed herself in public which showed for the trained ones a maze of fragile thoughts just as if deep inside she was in pain and needing help. It didn't take long before her fragility became more and more apparent. Finally, a month later what I had foreseen became reality and she quit the course.

Before she left the course she sent me an e-mail explaining she would have to quit the course and she also thanked me for being so open and to patiently have listened to her. I didn't notice that listening to her meant so much and yet it was something I did naturally, effortlessly.

Obstacles, difficulties and personal problems are intrinsic to life, of course. However not everyone deals with problems the same way and that has captured my attention since I first talked to this woman. Last year's meeting we all agreed to hired a profession to better support students deal with personal problems in order to make them continue perusing their dreams. The results are yet to be published but I feel very positive about it.


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