sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2015

What is it like to live in a country where education has never been prioritized?

Well, I can honestly say that it is definitely frustrating. Most people do not understand the size of the problems we face here in Brazil. Education has never been in the government's top 3 priorities and it never will be. Knowing education is the foundation of pretty much everything you may slightly know how in trouble the country is. To confirm all that we see bad teaching training, bad structures in public schools lack of security for teachers, bad salary for teachers and professors and of course an irresponsible government whose urgent priority right now is to stop the bleeding caused by the recent corruption accusations in the country's biggest state-run oil company Petrobrás.

For the average citizen nothing has changed. Corruption is in the news every single day and what really worries me right now is exactly what is happening. The population is used to seeing corruption cases on the news on a daily basis. Because it is routine, no significant protest has broken out so we are powerlessly witnessing the biggest corruption case in the country. Where are the protest? Where are those who so rightly protested last year exactly against corruption and corrupted politicians?

While the country watches the biggest scandal ever, teachers struggle to make a living in a country where education is almost like an irrelevant issue.

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