terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015

Contemporary Dance

Sunday afternoon, after having spent the whole day out I felt exhausted. I needed my comfy bed. I had spent the morning in the park taking pictures with a friend and then, on our way back home my wife needed to buy a few things so we stooped at a free market nearby. The place was a nice mess. Crammed with people it was neither safer nor good for taking pictures. We were back home approximately one hour later.

Because my wife is an aerial silk teacher she was given two tickets for this contemporary dance performance that would take place on the Sunday evening. Despite the exhaustion, I charged my batteries and promptly said yes. It was a no-brainier decision.

I loved the whole performance. I truly did. The girls, who I have never seen before were very good for the entrained eye. My wife who understands contemporary dance much more than I do also said she loved it.

My only complain was this poorly-lit stage. Because the lighting was not ideal, far from it, I had to raise the ISO resulting in less-than-desirable noise levels. I had to keep ISO at 3,200 most of the time. If you see the first picture its as noisy as hell.

The dancers also interacted with the audience. An awkward moment took place when the blond girl tried, as part of the act, to rest her head on my lap and cry. She ended up laying on my wife's instead.

I loved the performance in general. They were very professional. I will keep an eye on these local contemporary dance performance from now on as they are well-worth watching and photographing.











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