domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

Traveling to the countryside

Yesterday, I visited a city called Pedras de Fogo. My wife teaches at a private university there once a month so I knew beforehand it could be a great opportunity to take some nice pictures. The city is pretty plain, not many buildings or huge shopping centers there. I haven't seen one three or four-floor building when I was there so it gives you an idea of how small the city is. It's a pretty rural city.

I woke up at about 4:45am. My wife didn't sleep well. Probably she was a bit anxious about journey. The weather's been very strange here these days so it was really weird. It could rain at any minute.

It took us approximately one hour to get there. We passed by some interesting landscapes.

On arriving the city I came across some locals on a typical working day.

What really caught my attention when I left the car and started walking around the city was its plainness. Not many buildings, only a local square as the main meeting point. I also noticed that veryone knows everyone. I think the everyone-knows-everyone fact made me feel a little uncomfortable I have to say. As I walked around with my camera I noticed people were staring at me like "what is this bloke doing here with this camera?".

As I approached the local church I noticed some guys at the back of he church talking and looking at my direction. I had intended to go inside the church for some shots but at that point I simply gave it up. I went to one of the side doors of the church and this guy approached me with his cellphone. He was literally filming me! I just ignored him and decided to ask for some good places to photograph. By asking for some information I hoped to give him some messages. First and most importantly, yes I am not from here and no, I am not a threat. He soon said he didn't know but told me to go and ask the sheriff as he might have the answer. So, I went to the back of the church where these guys were and talked to the sheriff. He was very friendly and I immediately mentioned that my wife was teaching at the local university and then everything was fine.

It was on my way back when I suddenly saw an old school building. I thought it was a good idea to take some black and white shots. :)

.... To be continued...












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