quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016

A lucky Morning

The day started off pretty well for me. Made myself some coffee, and got myself ready to drive to the university campus. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get some bird shots as my maximum focal length is only 300mm. Of course that being on a crop sensor this focal range extends to approximately 450mm, which isn't bad by any means but of the the longer, the better.

I went straight away to the track and fiend camp. On arriving there I instantly realized I would have to get a lot closer to the birds if I did want to get some decent shots.

This was probably one of first shots I took. I wasn't happy with the distance. Although, the low ISO allowed me to do some cropping I just wanted to fill the frame. Went I tried to get a bit closer they flew away! How frustrating! To make matters worse, some black clouds blocked the sun temporarily.

So, I sat down for a while and waited to see of the would get any closer. No luck! Suddenly, I spotted some really interesting.....

A couple of owls. Two different holes on the ground. So, I patiently started to move very slowly so that they would know I wasn't a threat.

One of them flew away but the second one stayed put!

This owl seems quite big in the photo but it is so small! Just a bit bigger than my camera when seen vertically.

I am going back there tomorrow morning for sure and this time I plan to stay a lot longer just to check out the surroundings.


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