sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2016

A Day using exclusively a 50mm lense

I have set myself a challenge today. I have been going to the beach before the sun comes out using mainly my 70-300mm as there are some boats and objects that are normally a bit far away from me. It's been interesting to observe the city waking up, some people walking here and there, lots personal trainers and their clients running and exercising very early in the morning. I do live in a beautiful city, my goodness! But today I want to use my Canon 50mm f1.8 only. I know I will go crazy the moment I see something interesting a bit distant from me but I will try no to change lenses no matter what. I want to focus on what this lense is capable of and it does produce some beautiful images when it focuses.

I am back! I have to say I am a bit tired as I was exposed to the sun for some hours but it was good. Being on the beach right now is pure madness in my opinion it is unbearably hot outside. No chance for me. I took some shots of the sunrise, the beach and so forth.

They must be used to having people around as I was very close and they didn't fly away.



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