sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2014

iOS 8

iOS 8 - Will be better when Apple fixes minor bugs

I downloaded iOS 8 the minute it was launched. I am not going to talking about its features as they have been extensively reviewed and discussed. I want to talk about some bugs, minor ones in my case, but sometimes they are very annoying.

Since the installation of the iOS8 I have noticed a little bit of performance issues. They may have gone unnoticed to some but I have noticed that every time I try to open an app it takes a fraction more to open than it used to take on iOS7. In addition, sometimes Safari is not as fluid as it used to be. Some apps weirdly closed and others are malfunctioning. My Epson app for example closes every time I try open it through Pages.

Strangely multigesture has stopped working on three different occasions so far. To solve this problem I have to restart the device. If I was given the chance to return to ios7 would jump in in a heartbeat. I just hope Apple fixes these bugs as soon as possible.



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