terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

When Your Work Environment Becomes A Mess

It is perfectly normal to form groups with those we better get along with, it is normal to joke with some of our closest workmates but when do we know whether or not we crossed a certain ethnical line? It seems now my workplace has become the centre of an unethical mess. Jokes pop up in front of students, some even dance! I see too many jokes and much less ethics and professionalism. Unsurprisingly, students complain and avoid certain teachers and professors saying they are here to study and to learn not for jokes. I have heard that so many times but apparently it has little or no effect on those who stubbornly continue to mistakenly blend workplace with their living room at weekends.

The role teachers and professors have is unmeasurable and absolutely priceless. Let's not forget who we are, our values and responsibilities. Right now as I write from an empty classroom, I hear jokes coming from teacher's and professor's environment, people are laughing their heads off, apparently there's someone dancing and it is a real party right there a few meters away from me. It all seems like a good and happy environment except for one thing, we are not alone in the building. There are students here and you bet they are listening to everything.

Proper behaviour is, of course, one huge part of the problem but it does not end there. Lack of commitment of some, bad examples from others It all makes the perfect combination for a huge failure in the foreseeable future. How do we change that? Honestly? I don't think it is possible, not with these people and their shirt-sighted view of what education should be. Living in a country where education has never been a priority, none of these things surprise me anymore.

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