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My experience with The Vegetable Union Tea - Part 1

My intention while posting this is just to describe my experience with the tea, therefore, I have no intention to establish any sort of judgment line regarding the tea or The Union of Vegetable, which I highly respect and admire. I should warn you in advance that this isn't going to be a very short post, on the very contrary, as I will certainly need to tell you everything I experienced from A to Z.

It all started back in 2010. Mum had passed away a few months ago and I was really struggling to make a living. An old elegant lady named Deliah phoned me interested in some private classes. I had plenty of time, thus, that extra money fitted like a glove to me in such delicate moment. Ok - "now I can pay some more bills", I thought.

Our first meeting was very interesting. When we finally met I immediately noticed how gentle and simple she was. Not that I was expecting to see a dressed-up-to-the-nines woman but she was certainly simpler than I expected. After fifteen minutes had passed I noticed something was bothering her just as if she had been facing some problems enough to distract her during the class. Surprisingly, she opened up a little, which immediately showed me that she needed to talk. Later, She confessed she had been facing some problems regarding her daughter. I tried to be as supportive as I could given we had never met before so I knew very little about her.

The following classes sort of followed the same pattern, that means, some more talks after class. One day she arrived a bit earlier so we talked for some minutes before the class began. On this specific day it was clear she had no psychological condition to have classes so we just talked instead. That was how our friendship really flourished, how we became close friends and that was extreme valuable to me. A widow, with four adoptive grown-up children, very aware of her self, very mentally balanced and healthy. We don't see many people like this every day, do we? How did she manage her life with all its problems so wisely, calmly and stress free? I had been facing tons of problems myself but I was certainly very stressed and probably dying off at an alarming speed.

How did she do that?

One day we were having dinner at a very nice restaurant, talking about life and so forth when she asked me about religion. Those were tricky questions I had never been asked about.

What is your religion? Do you believe in God? She asked.

"I have none, I mean I was born and raised in Catholicism but I don't go to church very often.... Well I..." She smirked and said. "It's okay you don't need to explain anything to me... It is okay".

Still at the restaurant she said she had been a member of the Union Of Vegetables for many years. More importantly, she explained how being a member of this religious group has helped her keep her balance and avoid stress. Suddenly, I had the answers I had been so eagerly looking for. I was intrigued at first, I should say. Being skeptical by nature I heard all she said in silence but at the back of my mind I never believed in this super-powerful power coming from Mother Nature that would work as a panacea.

Here is the official website of the Union of Vegetable It is originally written in Portuguese (Brazil) but it is always available in English for better understanding.

As time went by, we got a lot closer. She finally invited me to try the tea. I backed it off by saying I had no time at all. Deep inside I was simply afraid of the unknown. To make matters worse, she told me the tea gives you something called "borracheira" which is its effects. According to Deliah, depending on each individual and their lives history you may "see" and "hear" things when the "Borracheira" hits you. She told me once she had encountered my mother in her last tea session. Although I had always been interested in the supernatural, I found that hard to believe. Maybe she was just trying to talk me into trying the whole thing.

I feel like trying something new

Do you know one of those days you unexplainably wake up and you feel like doing something different? Probably something you would never do otherwise? This is how I felt when woke up in June 2011.

On a Monday morning I grabbed my phone, phoned Delilah and said: "when is the next tea session? And before you say anything, YES I am serious!"

We had lunch and dinner later that day. We visited one of the members of the Union of Vegetable. She said it was a natural step to be interviewed by him. ( I don't remember exactly why but I know there is this hierarchical thing in there). On Thursday in the afternoon we met the guy named João at his house where I was instantly introduced to his lovely wife Fernanda and their newly born baby boy. I was warmly welcome I have to say. The questions I was asked were simply questions regarding my expectations of the tea and so on. Once the interview was finished I was ready to go. Saturday would be the big day. I was in such a good mood that I didn't realize the big days was around the corner. I think I was more curious than frightened. Will I see my mother and father? Will I see my best friend who has just died? Will I see anything to be afraid of? Will I lose conscious and do stupid things and reveal my innermost thoughts, I mean naughty thoughts? Not that I have many anyway.... These thoughts and fears come to you mind your know?







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