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The Vegetable Union Tea - Part 3

The experience


It was soon my turn. The master filled up my glass and I drank it up so I wouldn't feel how bitter it was. Oh boy it was bitter, very very bitter. I returned to my chair and waited. The terrace was full of chairs and people. Everyone had had the tea. I was sitting there thinking about what was coming next when I looked around and I saw some some people of all sorts, pregnant women, an elderly man in a wheelchair and all of them had their eyes closed just as if they were trying to concentrate.

15 minutes had passed and I wasn't feeling anything at all. I was very much awake, conscious, aware of everything that was happening around me, I saw absolutely nothing nor did I hear anything. I was perfectly fine. However, a guy who was sitting a few meters behind my chair stared to puke heavily. I thought he was going to be taken to hospital, so bad that was. He also started to cry and asked the master what was going on, (Yes, we were allowed to raise our hands and ask about anything we were feeling). 50 minutes on, and I started to feel my arms were kind of "numb", my hearing was greatly amplified. It was then I realized why people were walking so slowly and quietly. Even someone breathing next to you would be uncomfortable to the ears.

Not knowing how to deal with all that I began fearing something was wrong with my heart. I felt just as if I was drunk without actually being drunk that was the weirdest feeling I have ever had. However, I was still very much awake as I didn't lose my consciousness for one second. Suddenly, I could hear the little animals that were on the trees, the wind, people's breath and much more. The guy who was sitting behind me vomited again and that was like an explosion to my ears as every time he felt he was going to throw up he would stand up, walk into the forest and did his thing. My head was spinning a little bit so all I needed was some silence so that I could close my eyes and relax. But there is none. There is this particular singing thing. Old members of the Union of Vegetable would raise their hands and ask for permission to sing this very particular kind of music always involving nature. I am not criticizing the song or anything like at at all, but at that moment, with my head spinning and my super hearing in action plus a guy vomiting behind me I really needed some silence.

I looked at my watch and I still had some good three hours ahead of me. Looking around I saw the old man in his wheelchair with his arms in the air, moving his lips saying something I could not hear as if he was seeing someone. Perhaps his late wife? He had tears in his eyes.

Suddenly, a very interesting thing happened to me. Do you know when we are almost falling asleep and those very quick dreams come in? Well, I had those but in a very controlled way. Let me explain. I noticed every time I closed my eyes I had these dreams but when I opened them the dreams just disappeared. It was very awkward but in no way it was painful or scary. It was like, I had the power to "see things". What I didn't control was what could see. All I could see were law books, English books, and computers, mainly Macs. I didn't see my mother or anything I had been hoping to see for months. That was truly disappointing to me. A young woman was crying very much. Another man was staring at nowhere and he kept on like this the whole session. I have no idea of what he was seeing or thinking but it must have been something pretty strong. It was interesting to have these instant dreams as I wish. I was feeling really dizzy at this point. More singing, more voices and I was feeling rather uncomfortable with all that to be honest. In the middle of the session there was a break for us to go to the bathroom which lasted 15 minutes. I went down to the car park where the toilets were, I heard e poor guy vomiting again and I thought: "Jesus Christ this guy is really in trouble". I talked briefly with some of the guys I had met before the session and they were really smiling but no words about what they saw.

We returned to the terrace but then there were. Ire and more singing and then it became less and less comfortable. At the end of the session the master asked us if he had had he "borracheira", I said it was interesting. People described all sorts of things and words like "magnificent", "magical" and "unique" were used. For me it was a very nice experience even though I didn't feel any of that I had hoped. Don't take me wrong, the experience was unique and very personal. In addition, there is more than just the tea, there's a whole family idea involved they truly are like a family and this alone, makes the whole experience worth trying. It is important to point out that your own tea experience is different every time you drink it.

I loved the experience I had and at that time with all I was going through in my life I felt safe, I felt loved by a family that I had that day but I don't have anymore.






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